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Thank you for taking an interest in my book "My College Tips". Please feel free to browse my table of contents of college topics that every college student will face. Click on the topics to view some of the actual tips from "My College Tips". Please feel free to contact me if you can't find a topic that you are looking for. I always like hearing from other students.


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Top ten reasons I am qualified to write this book

1. From High School to College

Reasons to go to college
Things every high school student should do if they want to go to college
Things any high school student should know before getting to college
Top things to consider before going to any college

2. Going to College

Top helpful tips to succeeding in college
Things to take to college
Things not to take to college
Things not to do in college
Things that will lead to your downfall in college
Choosing a major or majors
Tips that no school official will tell you up front

Taking courses from online universities is a path many high school graduates take.
Here is some additional advice for Freshman on choosing their major.

3. Money, Jobs, Budgeting & More

Helpful financial tools while attending college
Good jobs to have while attending college
Tips to land a job at the interview
Top businesses to start while in college
Companies that offer or have offered college tuition assistance
Ways to save money for books/tuition/spring break
Places to go for a cheap but fun spring break

4. Social Life and Dating

Ways to improve your social life
Reason to join a Fraternity or Sorority
Reason not to join a Fraternity or Sorority
Ways to meet people
Top ways/places to meet the potential love of your life
Things to avoid in the dating world during your college years
Tips for men regarding women
Tips for women regarding men
Getting along with your girlfriend
Getting along with your boyfriend

5. Roommates

Top roommates to have
Roommates to avoid
Getting along with a roommate

6. Family and Marriage Tips

Family Tips
Getting Married

7. Studying, Finals, Food, & More

Ways to study and do well in classes
Alternatives to reading the whole chapter
Tips to stay organized
Ways to stay awake in class
Tips to make it through your finals in one piece
Top foods/meals to survive the finals week

8. Automobiles

Top car tips
Car buying tips

9. Health

Tips to keeping healthy
Tips to loose that 15 pounds or beer gut by spring break
Kick a nagging cold in a week

10. Final Helpful Topics

Things to do your senior year in college
Tips to live by in all aspects of life
Word to the wise
Top college comedy movies
Tips to get out of student loan debt
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