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Grade 11 Up–Parker takes a David Letterman "Top Ten list" approach to present practical advice for the college bound. Topics include "Good jobs to have while attending college" and "Things that will lead to your downfall in college." Some of those no-no's include cheating, substance abuse, and getting in debt. The writing style is straightforward and sensible. Parker straddles that fine line between staying focused and having fun and suggests ways students can do both. This book is not as in depth or insightful as Janet F. Worthington and Ronald T. Farrar's The Ultimate College Survival Guide (Peterson's, 1995), but it could be a good match for more reluctant students, who may need an extra boost to get through college. These young people want quick answers, not long explanations. If many of your students plan to attend junior colleges and technical schools, this book may be a logical choice to guide them to their futures.
Laura Younkin, Ballard High School, Louisville, KY

This book gives a new college student easy to follow advice for
navigating college life. The author creates a format that is easy to follow and can be used as a reference tool. It is a perfect gift for a graduating high school senior ready to take their next step in their education and life learning.

-Dr. Ellen J. Neufeldt
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Development & Dean of Student Life
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

James Parker's guide for new college students provides realistic
answers to many of the challenges that confront freshman. Parker's
straight-talk approach is readable and practical. I believe the guide
makes an excellent gift for any young person on his or her way to the
life-changing experience of the freshman year. Parker is to be
commended for his insightful guide.
- Kittrell Rushing
Professor of Mass Communication and long-time academic advisor
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

This book is a must-have for every college freshman!
-Aaron Duffy, B.S. Computer Science Class 2002

Adjusting to college life is difficult and can either expose an individual's dependencies or validate their maturity. Drawing from his own experiences, James Parker explains in simple form the pitfalls and challenges of college life and how to keep a new student both focused and informed. My College Tips should be a pre-entry requirement for any student who wants to know how to reduce college expenses, strengthen relationships with classmates, and overcome the hurdles standing between you and your degree. The book really delivers the goods, and is an excellent source of information to arm a freshman with the knowledge of a senior. Properly applied, My College Tips will do more than get you through the rigors of the college lifestyle, it will lead you into adulthood.
-H.S. Dean, Management Professional and father of 3 pre-college students





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