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Presentations include:

Succeeding in College - This presentation is for college bound students to get helpful advice for how to study, prepare for exams, pick the right class, manage your time, and more.

College Survival 101 - This presentation is great for college bound students to help with everyday survival activities in college, such as top meals to prepare in college, jobs, money, paper work, car buying, and more.

Getting Ready For College - This presentation is perfect for all high school students interested in going to college. Students will learn what they need to do before their senior year, during their senior year, what to pack to take to college, how to choose the best college, and more.

Social Life in the College Years - This presentation is geared towards the fun aspect of college. Topics include, Greek Life, dating do's and don'ts, best places for spring break, meeting new people, and more.

Becoming a Self-Published Author - This presentation is about my own experiences and lessons learned from writing, publishing, marketing, and distributing the book "My College Tips". Learn what I learned and see how easy and hard it is to become a self-published author.

Being a Young Entrepreneur - This presentation is geared to inspire young students to become creative in business and not be afraid to take a risk. My own personal experiences with Entrepreneurship is also shared.

Website Design and e-Marketing - This presentation is to learn how to setup, design, and create your own website. I will also teach you how to market your website so it will appear in search engine results such as Google.

The 8 year College Student with Q/A Session - My own personal story of what I did during 8 years of college. This presentation is a general overall view of college and lessons learned. Most of the time will be spent for the students in a question and answer session.

If you don't see a presentation that interests you please contact me so you can tell me what you would like me to present.





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