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Hello college student,

I am here to help you succeed in college. Unlike most college students you are seeking help. I was one that did not seek help or advice from anyone. In fact I tried to disprove any useful advice I got from anyone because I was in the mind set of "I know what I am doing"? Well I am here to say that I didn't and I learned the hard way. Fortunately you can learn from my mistakes and gain knowledge from someone who has been done the long hard road of attaining college degrees.

Please feel free to click on the TIPS link to get some helpful advice for college life. You can also download the e-book version of "My College Tips" and view it from your pc. Or you can get the whole package and help my pay off my student loans by ordering your own copy of my printed version of "My College Tip."

For more information about the printed book see below. Otherwise, good luck in college.


James S. Parker

My College Tips - Self Help College Survival Guide Book

"My College Tips" the book, is a self help college survival guide book that contains tips, advice, resources, recommendations, and other information that will help college students succeed in college life.

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