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High School Graduation, is a time of celebration where the gift giver can occasionally give the wrong gift to the graduate. Use this guide to help you make a good decision on giving the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

Good Cheap High School Graduation Gift Giving Tips

  • Give gifts that are useful, personal, and/or inspire a successful future.
  • Give something that will be useful in their new career.
  • Give something that will be useful in college.
  • Give a gift according to the type of lifestyle and goals the graduate has.
  • Give a unique graduation gift that commemorates the graduation day.

The Best Cheap High School Graduation Gift Ideas For Any Student

  • Give a Graduation Party - Does not cost much when you get other people to help out it might take up some of your time getting together.
  • Framed picture of graduate and you together - Buy an inexpensive frame and get a great picture blown up to give to the grad.
  • Book - Usually books are not expensive, look in resale shops or online for best deals.
  • Organizer/Planner - Can be picked up at a local office supply place cheap.

Cheap Gift Ideas for Graduating High School Students that are College bound

  • Book - "My College Tips" *Only $9.95 per book!

    My College Tips - Self Help College Survival Guide Book

    Buy with Google Checkout and get yours autographed.

  • Gift Card - Give them a gift card to Walmart where they can go purchase what they need.
  • Alarm Clock - Can be picked up for under $20 at your local Walmart.
  • Contemporary reading light - Perfect for those late night studies.
  • Book bag - Can spend a lot or a little on a book bag. Keep your eye out for a good deal. No need to get fancy.
  • Food - If the student will be living on campus, why not go to the grocery store and pick up some of there favorite late night snacks.


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