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Author James S. ParkerJames S. Parker was born in Hixson, Tennessee. His family moved to Phoenix, Arizona when he was 5. James graduated from Westview High School in 1995, and he attended three colleges in three years before moving back to Hixson in August 1998. James then enrolled at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and changed his major. After eight straight years of college, James finally graduated in May of 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Today, James is married to his beautiful wife, Kalee, and he works full time at Tennessee Valley Authority as a Data Analyst. James is currently attending the University of Tennessee Chattanooga working towards his masters degree in business administration. He is very creative by nature and is usually working on some entrepreneurial project. Please feel free to visit his personal website at to get more information about his current and/or past projects.

Message from the author:

College is a big step into the world of adulthood. College students will accomplish something that many people donít even want to try. College is a learning experience. Not to mention, when a student gets thier degree, it will increase thier salary potential, job security, and professional status. Everyoneís college experience is different.

This book is a guide to help students start their college career. I made many mistakes in college, and I am putting my lessons learned out there to help others. Students can choose to learn from them, or ignore them. Many people that start college encounter obstacles and just give up due to the lack of knowledge and support.

My goal in writing this book is to provide students with a roadmap to success in both the academic and personal world. The tips reflect my own personal opinion, based on the experiences I had throughout my 8 years of college. I hope you choose to share my lessons with a student that may benfit from.

Best wishes,
James S. Parker

Top ten reasons I am qualified
to write this book

1. 8 years of college and still going
2. 5 different colleges
3. Changing majors numerous times
4. Moving 2000 miles away to go to college
5. Student Loans and Scholarships
6. Personal and financial difficulties
7. Relationships and social life
8. Jobs and money
9. Living away from home
10. Finally getting my degree

Schools attended:

Northern Arizona University

Glendale Community College

Mesa Community College

Chattanooga State Technical Community College

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Presentations and Special Events:
The author is available for presentations to clubs, schools, youth groups, and other student related organizations. Mr. Parker is qualified to discuss his book, personal college experience, lessons learned, and most everything related to a college studentís life. For more information visit the news and events page page.


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